Whether a relaxing ride with the family, a sporty ride on a racing bike on the roads, an enjoyable ride through nature on the Murradweg or on a mountain bike exploring the mountain areas, there is something for every cyclist.

Murradweg (Mur bicycle path)

Der Murradweg. Foto: Copyright (c) Steiermark Tourismus/Eisenschink

The Murradweg is known among enthusiasts as Austria's most beautiful river bike path. From the  National park Hohe Tauern over Graz, the Cultural Capitol of Europe 2003, the bike path winds through the wine and spa region of  the trijunction of Austria, Hungry and Slovenia. As diverse as the landscape, so extraordinary are the experiences and destinations worth discovering. In the north the mountains are meadows of trees with lakes as their companions. Not far from the vineyards of southern Styria in the south stretch out fields of corn, fields of the typical Styrian oil pumpkin and extensive flood plains.
Knittelfeld lies directly on this route. 

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The Wheel+Railway-schedule provides a new quality of interesting tour possibilities for exciting excursions with cycling and regional railway. The combination of biking and railway has gained popularity in Aichfeld in recent years and brought much enjoyment. Many bike paths, such as the Murradweg, run along railroad tracks and make it possible for cyclists to make use of offers from the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) and STLB for bike transport. There are tickets exclusively for cyclists.
Rad+Bahn-Fahrplan is available at:
Regionalbus Aichfeld-Infocenter
Hauptplatz 15, 8720 Knittelfeld
1. floor, door 102
Tel.: +43 (0) 3512/84300

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Mountain bike paths

Mountainbiker. © 77SG -

The numerous mountain bike paths in the area offer something for every level of fitness. Be it gateways, events, the rebuilding of cycling infrastructure in Murtal or an exchange of ideas and opinions, the MTB- Club, since 1992, offers a platform of cycling recreational activities for physically active and fitness minded individuals. On the information platform you can find cycling routes and tours, fitness and nutrition tips and everything involving bicycles.

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Mountainbike Singletrail „Brandwaldsteig“

Brandwaldsteig (c) Martin Edlinger

Nowadays a lot of natural hiking trails are closed for mountainbikers. Therefore the municipial corporation of Knittelfeld decided to create a singletrail in their own forest.

Where is the trail located?
The trail can be found beneath the mountain “Steinplan” in the commercial forest. The beginning is located at 1253 m above sea level. The line is about 3 kilometers long, approximately 1 m wide and provides 439 vertical meters packed full of fun and action. The trail consists of narrow forest parts and technical passages. The flowy trail contains roots and natural steps as well as corners.  Some sections require a certain degree of bike control, and you should be wearing the relevant protection such as full-face helmet, protectors, etc.. The trail is open from March to October. Riding offside the marked trail is forbidden.

Murtal Leisure Tour

Racing cyclists of the club.

The multi-tier E-Bike and Trekking tour is enticing with it's 4 stages and makes for an enjoyable biking experience in the districts of Murtal and Murau. To ensure that your enjoyment is not cut short, there is the possibility to charge your E-bike at each tavern or cottage on the tour route, and while you wait, taste some of the culinary delights available. The family friendly tour is 313 Kilometers long and around 7,200 meters above sea level.

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Tour tickets are available through the advertising agency, Eyecatcher, as well as MSM Stadtmarketing.