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Winter sports

Ice skating

Am Hauptplatz (main square)

At the main square of Knittelfeld there is an artificial ice rink. As soon as the christmas fair starts, you can enjoy ice skating at the main square. Ice skates are available to rent at the ice rink cabin.

For more information: Ice rink operator, Bernhard Schindlbacher, Parkstraße 19,

Tel. +43 (0) 650/7707039.

Am Ziegelteich (pond)

Another option for ice skating is at the Ziegelteich (Ziegel Pond). When the pond has a thick layer of ice, it can also be skated on. There are no ice skate rentals available at Ziegelteifch. Enter at your own risk.


Skiing and snowboarding

In the surrounding areas of Knittelfeld there are plenty of opportunities to ski or snowboard.

Below are the links to the ski areas:

Gaaler Lifte

The ski area with ski rental, ski lessons and night skiing.


Ski arena for families and night skiing

Reitinger Lift

Family ski area with a free baby lift.

Schiregion Gaberl (Ski Resort Gaberl)

The ski area for children and adults, with slopes for all levels. There are nursery level slopes to steep slopes.

Skigebiet Lachtal (Ski Resort Lactal)

Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ski and snowboard lessons, ski rental and service.

Ski Hohentauern

For families and hobby skiers.


The possibility to ski on prepared slopes and tour on the slopes or open country.

Schigebiet (resort) Frauenalpe Murau

A small but fine ski resort, for families with children, with 100% natural snow.


Top ski resort, hosted the snowboard world cup.