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Under Parking you can find information on the city parking.


Free parking in Knittelfeld!

Parking garage: Since January 1st  2014 you can park for free for 1 1/2 hours in APCOA-Parking garage.
In the town center: Knittelfeld stores give away free parking vouchers to their customers.
Available now in over 80 Knittelfeld shops so that you can park for free for 90 minutes in the metered parking zones of the town center.

Free parking on Saturdays during Advent

Every Saturday during Advent, parking in the APCOA parking garage in the town center is free for the whole day. In addition, parking meters disguised as snowmen, offer free parking throughout the town center. We wish all our customers and guests a merry Christmas!

Short-term parking zones

City zone:

Short-term parking meters run during the work week from:  Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:30
On Saturday from 8:30 to 12:00
The maximum parking time for the listed areas is 90 minutes. The parking rate for 90 minutes is 50 cents.

• Kapuzinerplatz
• Herrengasse
• Frauengasse
• Hauptplatz
• Kirchengasse
• Turnergasse
• Bahnstraße from Turnergasse to Hauptplatz (main square)
• Theodor-Körner-Gasse on the west side and from Theodor-Körner-Gasse 5 eastwards
• Marktgasse: Parking at the Bezirkskammer für Land- und Forstwirtschaft (Regional Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry)
• Bahnstraße: crossing Marktgasse - Esperantostraße to the intersection at Turnergasse
• Part of Kapuzinerplatzes in front of the Post office building as well as Sachendorfer Gasse in the  Kapuzinerplatzes area to the bridge over Sachendorferbach
• Parking Anton-Regner-Straße across from the Bezirkshauptmannschaft (District Commission) Knittelfeld, starting at Bezirksjugendheim (District Youth Center) until Hautzenbichlstraße
• Parkstraße, from the intersection at Schmittstraße until the intersection at Schulgasse
• Parking at the Stadtgemeinde (township) in the Esperantostraße area before Sachendorferbach

Short-term metered parking times for the areas listed below are
Workdays: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00
On Saturday from 8:00 to 13:00
The maximum parking time for these areas
is 180 minutes.
Parking rate for 30 minutes is 50 cents.

• The northside of Gaaler
straße, beginning from the entrance of the Red Cross until the intersection at Freiheitsallee/Portniggstraße.
• Eastern domain of Franz-Leitner-Straße until the intersection at Ferdinand-Porsche-Gasse
• Austriastraße in front of the Austria Email building, starting at the bike stands until the entrance of the Austria
Email building
• Parking for the train station is between the pedestrian crossing and the post office. When parking at Bahnhofplatz access the station from the east side.

Parking garage

APCOA Parking Austria GmbH, Marktgasse 5,
in the heart of Knittelfeld, direct access to the main square.
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 24 hours
Parking rate: First 90 minutes are free, every half hour after is 50 cents

- Hassle free parking
- No worries about weather conditions
- Easily viewable and lighted area for safe parking
- No parking time limit
- Just 50m from the main square

Free public parking close to downtown

Parkplatz  (parking lot) Franz-Leitner-Straße
Parkplatz (parking lot) Morasutti-Platz, Stubalpenstraße