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Children's playgrounds

In Knittelfeld there are 11 public children's playgrounds

Every year a different playground is cleaned, remodeled or repaired. There are meetings with children, youth and adults who live near the playground, prior to any remodeling work starting. The concerns and ideas of the residents in the area are taken into consideration and integrated into the new playground plans.

Safety on the playgrounds

Safety is a top priority for us. For this reason all the playgrounds are checked every two weeks for equipment damage and functionality. In addition the playgrounds are inspected once a year by TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection) to ensure, at any price, that the safety requirements and high quality standards are met.

Spielplatz Hans-Klöpfer-Straße (Hans-Klöpfer-Straße playground)

Hans-Klöpfer-Straße 23
Generation playground

Play area, maze, beach volleyball, water play and chill-area

Spielplatz Lois-Hammer-Gasse (Lois-Hammer-Gasse playground)

Lois-Hammer-Gasse 27
Slides, play area and wooden play house

Spielplatz Hauptplatz

Hauptplatz 4 (Main square number 4 opposite of Sparkasse)
The new playground offers a seesaw, a slide, a swing and a climbing tower.

Spielplatz Stadtpark (Town park playground)

Stadtpark (town park)
Tower slide, sandbox
Play equipment, swings,
Drinking fountains

Spielplatz Beserlpark (Beserlpark playground)

Generation playground, play equipment
Tower slide, sandbox

Spielplatz Burgfriedgasse (Burgfriedgasse playground)

Play equipment, cable train,
Water toys
Slides, climbing tower

Spielplatz Lindenallee (Lindenallee playground)

Tower slide, play equipment,

Spielplatz Portniggstraße (Portniggstrasse playground)

Tower slide, play hill,
Play equipment

Spielplatz Gartenweg Apfelberg

This playground ist located at the Gartenweg in the district Apfelberg.
Sandbox, tower slide, swing, water toys,

Spielplatz Landschachersiedlung Apfelberg

This playground is located at Landschachersiedlung, 8720 Knittelfeld
climbing tower with slide, climbing wall, rope bridge, ring swing, double swing, sandbox, herbsnail, seesaw.

Spielplatz Ingeringweg

Playground Ingeringweg 38, 8720 Knittelfeld
Play equipment, water toys, sandbox, basket swing, climbing tower with slide, seesaw, balance parcours.